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Birds as never before

Learn by doing with interactive animations, videos, and games.

All About Fancy Males

Birds display to impress—Get wowed
Learn All About Fancy Males >

All About Feathers

The science and beauty of feathers
Explore All About Feathers >

All About Bird Song

Birds sing to be heard—listen up
Explore All About Bird Song >

Bird-ology Articles

A bird’s-eye view of biology

Absorb what’s most interesting about birds. Handy reference guides with quick-access definitions.

Fiery-throated Hummingbird detail - photo by Joseph F. Pescatore


From how they’re built to their dinosaur origins
Read Feathers! >

Eurasian Wren photo by Chris Henry

Bird Song!

The scoop on how and why birds sing
Read Bird Song! >

Learn How Hard It Is to Sing Like a Bird

Behind the scenes of a musical experiment
Read Sing Like the Birds >

Animated Slides

Moving scientific illustration forward

Download Powerpoint slides full of unique scientific illustrations and animations.

Feather Biology

Built-in animations show how feathers work
Download Feather Biology >

Bird Song Visualized

Learn to see sound with animated song visualizations
Download Bird Song Visualized >

Anatomy of Bird Song

See inside the bird’s voice box and animate the songs
Download Anatomy of Bird Song >

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They fly, hunt, sing, and dance! See birds in action.

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