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In-depth, self-paced explorations

Our features are fun, in-depth, self-paced explorations into topics of perennial interest. We started with Feathers and will be adding new topics all the time.

Guess & Reveal

What’s unique to birds? Guess until you find the answer.
What Is Unique to Birds? >

Choose & Animate

Explore feather types, then animate their microstructure.
How Feathers Are Built >

Flip, Guess & Learn

Admire the feathers, guess what they do, get the full scoop.

What Feathers Do >

Bird-ology Articles

Get a bird’s-eye view of biology

Our reference guides give you quick access to the science and help you learn new terms with hover-over definitions.

Fiery-throated Hummingbird detail - photo by Joseph F. Pescatore

Absorb the Science

Become an expert in no time.

Learn New Terms in
a Flash

Hover over words for definitions and pronunciation.
Read the full Feathers! article now>

photo of a Club Winged Manakin

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Animated Slides

Moving scientific illustration forward

Our downloadable Powerpoint slides are full of unique scientific illustrations and animations. They give you a comprehensive visual tour of the topic.

Easy Powerpoint

Just press play or drop into an existing presentation.

Custom Scientific

You won’t find them anywhere else.
Download the Feathers Slide Collection now >


For those “Aha! Now I get it.” moments.

Video Library

They fly, hunt, sing, and dance! See birds in action.

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