Bird Song Hero: The Song Learning Game for Everyone
Launch the immersive Bird Song Hero: The Song Learning Game for Everyone Interactive Feature.

The new, visual way to learn bird songs.

Train your brain to recognize over 50 bird songs with the Bird Song Hero matching game.

Listen closely to featured songs and match each with the correct spectrogram visualization. You’ll be harnessing the power of the visual brain to help you identify the unique qualities of each song and commit sound patterns to memory.

Bird Song Hero is a fun way to practice the key skills you need to ID all the bird songs you’re curious about.

Sections inside:

  • Bird Song Hero Tutorial

    This short introduction to Bird Song Hero trains you to interpret spectrograms, the sound visualizations scientists use to help them understand sound patterns. Spectrograms are used in the matching game to enlist your visual brain in identifying bird song. After two short minutes you’ll be ready to play Bird Song Hero.

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  • Bird Song Hero Challenge

    The first round of Bird Song Hero introduces you to over 20 remarkable bird songs. When you’re done you’ll have new bird ID skills and possibly some catchy bird tunes stuck in your head.

    Go directly to section: Bird Song Hero Challenge
  • Bird Song Hero Ultimate

    Bird Song Hero Ultimate takes the bird song matching game to the next level with more complex songs and trickier answer choices. You’ll have to listen more carefully to answer correctly. The reward? This kind of practice is great preparation for figuring out who’s singing in your backyard and beyond.

    Go directly to section: Bird Song Hero Ultimate
38 Comments » for Bird Song Hero: The Song Learning Game for Everyone
  1. elvira says:

    This is a really great tool!!

    I live in the Pacific Northwest and I would love to see a select from our neck of the woods as many of the species presented are Eastern. Thanks for considering this request!

    1. Mya says:

      Thanks so much for the suggestion. Lots of people we’ve heard from are interested in regionalized versions of Bird Song Hero and we’re discussing ways to make that a reality.

      1. Amelia Gaillard says:

        Please consider NE Florida. many thanks

    2. Richard Johnston says:

      Another vote for the birds of the Pacific Northwest!

      1. dale says:

        how about the pacific northwest up to Alaska

  2. Phyllis Katz says:

    This would make a great app. I hope you are heading in that direction with it.

    1. Mya says:

      Thanks! It’s great to hear feedback like this. You are not alone in hoping for an app and we’ve been discussing how we might be able to make that happen.

      1. Jay Doughty says:

        Do you guys use Cornell students to develop the site and software?

      2. Mya says:

        Yes, we do! In fact, a student named Annalyse Moskeland developed many of trickiest questions in the ultimate round of Bird Song Hero. So far the students we have worked with have helped us develop content, but we’re open to programming help as well.

  3. Darryl Johnson says:

    As I age and with a hearing problem I no longer can hear most birds. Is there anything for me? I’ve been a birder for the last 50+years.

    1. Mya says:

      You might look into the SongFinder, an advanced digital device aimed at bird enthusiasts who suffer from high frequency hearing loss and who are unable to hear high-pitched bird songs in their natural surroundings:

  4. Carolyn Strong says:

    This is a great idea. Unfortunately, most of these are eastern birds. I would be good to do one with birds of the Pacific areas.

    1. Alexander Justice says:

      Yes, a western edition would be really welcome

  5. Janet Flournoy says:

    Is there anything similar for British birds??

    1. Mya says:

      Not that I know of. :) We developed Bird Song Hero as a fun, fast paced game rather than a comprehensive tour of bird songs. We’ve gotten so many requests for more sounds that we are considering how we can provide regionalized experiences for our enthusiastic users.

  6. Evelyn L. Findley says:

    How do I get an app for Bird Song Hero game?

    1. Mya says:

      No Bird Song Hero app yet but we’ve gotten so many enthusiastic requests that we are considering how we might might be able to expand the concept into the app world. Thanks!

  7. debbie says:

    I am often, without success, trying to identify the birds in my yard from their songs. I play Bird Song Hero and clearly I need to play again. But I love the idea of training my ear to a visual – I wish there were more west coast birds or that we could listen and ‘see’ the songs of all the birds in the game.

    I will definitely recommend this to fellow birders.

  8. Stewart Marshall says:

    More More More! Great job on this – super fun and super informative. If you sold packs of spectrograms I would be whipping out the credit card instantly!

    great job!

  9. Sandy Ward says:

    I used these games with my 7th grade science classes, and they loved it. Thank you.

  10. Tinka says:

    This is fabulous! Often I will only hear a bird and see several different birds in the vicinity of the singing. I won’t know which one it is. This provides me with quick and easy identification. I live in central Ontario and many of the Eastern birds on the video are common ones for me now!! Thank you

  11. Judith says:

    This is wonderful!
    Waiting for the application, and for birds in southern New Mexico ….

  12. Joan Rapp says:

    It’s very good. We need something for the Pacific Northwest, Western and Eastern parts of Washington. Thanks. Joan

    1. Joan Rapp says:

      Please try to do a Pacific Northwest option, of both Eastern and Western Washington and Oregon. Thanks.

  13. Glenn says:

    I loved it. How about a Super Ultimate Level?

    I was hoping that the free mp3s would come with a file containing images of the sonograms. Hint hint :)

    1. James says:

      Yes – a Super Ultimate Level! I agree. I’m a painter, and I studied piano as a kid, so the current levels weren’t a struggle. Wrestling with something is good for the grey matter.

  14. Jeremy Medina says:

    This is a wonderful tool. I’m a very visual learner and I’ve tried other bird song learning programs and I still get frustrated with them because the songs just don’t stick. But with your visual of the spectrograms I only missed 3 on both rounds. I think this could help me tremendously. Any plans on making this a learning program or app? Pleeeeeeeease! I’d buy it!

  15. James says:

    Bird Song Hero is great! I’ve been treating it like a game and it’s a challenge. I’ve never been good at bird songs, but the game makes me listen very closely. Could you please do even more birds? Please??

  16. Herbert Blankesteijn says:

    Can you please, please make me a version of this featuring European birds?
    Does anyone know if something like that already exists out there?

  17. Dave Howard says:

    Next generation suggestion: have the smartphone have the ability to record a bird song then have the software analyze it and display the actually bird and spectrogram.

  18. Kris says:

    regional version choices would be great:) Lots of fun.

  19. Danielle says:

    Please make this an app for the kindle fire! Love to learn.

  20. Jess says:

    Fun game! It would be cool if after you guess, you can click or hover your mouse over each bird and get some facts on it. At least the region. Love the Tui, though! Glad to see an NZ bird in there :)

    1. Mya says:

      Hi Jess, Thanks! Though we have not included bird facts, if you hover over the bird photos you can click on the link to the original recording in the Macaulay Library. There you can see the map of where the bird was recorded and other behavioral notes.

  21. Mya Thompson says:

    Check out more bird songs on the companion website to the new coming-of-age novel for young adults “Nest” by Esther Ehrlich.

  22. Noah says:

    Thanks for all of this.

  23. Lara Miyazaki says:

    Please add Sacramento, CA to the Birdsong Hero wishlist :-)

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